Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi there, you sweet little slave of commodification

One click to un-jade your ears:

You get two minutes free listen to any track. Suggestions: My GF Got Freaky with a Strap-on (sex rock). Identity Crisis/Who Am I? (chamber pop). My Head Is a Fist (alt rock).

What do the Dingbots sound like? Like Gaga hooked up with Lennon and Dylan in a time machine to spawn a love child who sings 23rd century lyrics to hooks that will make you want to sex a giant.

Download single tracks or order the whole sci-fi rock opera on CD, for 80 minutes of a big fat mindfuck.

Listen to full Identity Crisis (Who Am I?), My GF Got Freaky With a Strap-on, and My Head Is a Fist at
where you can follow the band and do MySpace things (MySpace dumped us for obscenity).

Watch our video Women Who've Rocked the World at

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